Slime Activator - LIL SHIZZ
Slime Activator - LIL SHIZZ

Slime Activator

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Our signature activator comes with a special blend of borax, which can make approx 3 kg base slime.


Health Hazards:

  • Do not drink
  • Wash hands after use
  • if you are allergic to specific kinds of powder then avoid contact with skin


Using Instructions: 
  • Add the specific amount of glue and any add-inns you want and stir add a little bit at  time and mix keep adding until its the texture you like.



  • We don't guarantee perfect slime making as it totally depends upon recipe and the ingredients used.
  • We don't share or recipe as it is a special one with several secret ingredients giving it the perfect texture.
  • Please buy on your behalf to try out slime making by yourself.
  • We ensure that the products we sell are 100% authentic and they work. 

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